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At a very minimum, you make a trip to MEPS for initial processing, then the second trip to MEPS for final processing on the day you ship out to basic training.

MEPS is a Department of Defense joint-service organization staffed with military personnel and civilians. Their job is to assess an applicant's physical qualifications, aptitude and moral standards as set by each branch of military servicethe Department of Defense and federal law. Your trip to MEPS begins before you leave, with a medical "prescreening" performed by your recruiter. If the prescreening shows a medical condition which is obviously disqualifying, with no chance of a waiver example, you are blind, or missing a limbthen your processing stops at that point.

Some medical conditions require additional medical records.

Do MEPS look into your medical records when you go?

The prescreening is designed to identify those conditions so that your recruiter can help you obtain required medical records before your trip to MEPS. This saves you from being "temporarily disqualified," requiring that you return later with the necessary records for full qualification.

Most doctors' letters are inadequate. Recruiters have been instructed to use the standard MEPS request form, as it lists the required information. Civilian doctors may be unaware of current military directives and requirements.

Once the prescreening is approved, the recruiter will schedule your visit to MEPS. Here are some general rules to remember:. For most applicants, the initial trip to MEPS is a two-day process. Once you've completed the ASVAB, if you do not live in the same local area where your MEPS is located, you will be taken to a hotel, and possibly be assigned a roommate. The lodging accommodations and meals are paid for by MEPS. While this varies by location, the rules include prohibitions for the use of alcohol and drugscurfew provisions, noise limitations, and similar restrictions.

If you are caught violating any of these rules, it could terminate your processing in the military. The primary job of MEPS is to determine, under military regulations, policies, and federal law, whether or not you are qualified to serve in the United States Armed Forces, and -- if so, what jobs you may qualify for, under individual service regulations.

MEPS personnel also determine whether you are medically qualified to serve. Additionally, representatives of the service branch you're joining will be at MEPS to determine your job qualification and security qualifications.

It's very important that you are completely honest during your visit to MEPS. Any trace of alcohol in your system will end your processing. The physical begins with the completion of the medical questionnaire, after which you'll begin the process. You will take a blood and urine test including a test for drugs. Females will be tested for pregnancy. There are also two different urine tests; one is the legal drug urine and the other tests for pH, blood, protein and specific gravity.

You'll take a hearing test, and an eye exam, including depth perception and color vision. You'll undergo a weight check. If your weight exceeds the standard listed by the service you are trying to join, you'll undergo a body-fat measurement.Below you will find details from the Army's "Standards of Medical Fitness.

Remember that most of these conditions are NOT necessarily permanently disqualifying, but they are red flags! If you have had a medical complication at any time in your life that is mentioned here, then you need to tell your recruiter. They will tell you whether your condition can be waived, or if it is permanently disqualifying. Remember that if you do not get an official waiver and your condition is later discovered, you will most likely be dishonorably discharged for fraudulent enlistment.

The choice is yours. Ulceration, varices, fistula, achalasia, or other dismotility disorders; chronic or recurrent esophagitis if confirmed by appropriate x-ray or endoscopic examination.

Condition, to include Meckel's diverticulum or functional abnormalities, persisting or symptomatic within the past 2 years. Gastrointestinal bleeding. History of, unless the cause has been corrected, and is not otherwise disqualifying.

Individuals who are known to have tested positive for hepatitis C virus HCV infection require confirmatory testing. If positive, individuals should be clinically evaluated for objective evidence of liver function impairment.

If evaluation reveals no signs or symptoms of disease, the applicant meets the standards. Cholecystectomy is not disqualifying 60 days postsurgery or 30 days post-laproscopic surgeryproviding there are no disqualifying residuals from treatment.

Any hereditary acquired, aplastic, or unspecified anemia that has not permanently corrected with therapy.

meps scars reddit

Hemorrhagic disorders. Any congenital or acquired tendency to bleed due to a platelet or coagulation disorder. Diseases of the jaw or associated tissues which are not easily remediable, and will incapacitate the individual or otherwise prevent the satisfactory performance of duty. Severe malocclusion that interferes with normal mastication or requires early and protracted treatment; or relationship between mandible and maxilla that prevents satisfactory future prosthodontic replacement.

Insufficient natural healthy teeth or lack of a serviceable prosthesis, preventing adequate mastication and incision of a normal diet. This includes complex multiple fixture dental implant systems that have associated complications that severely limit assignments and adversely affect performance of world-wide duty. Dental implants systems must be successfully osseointegrated and completed. Orthodontic appliances for continued treatment attached or removable.

Retainer appliances are permissible, provided all active orthodontic treatment has been satisfactorily completed. External ear. Atresia or severe microtia, acquired stenosis, severe chronic or acute otitis externa, or severe traumatic deformity.

Mastoiditis, residual of mastoid operation with fistula, or marked external deformity that prevents or interferes with wearing a protective mask or helmet.Currently, there are 7 official ARKs, 3 of which are canon and 4 of which are non-canon, as well as 2 additional maps:.

However, both sides ended up weakening themselves and Element, a substance both used during their war, had grown to critical masses and alarming growth rates. These ARKs were sent up prior to a global-level extinction event in which Element wiped out the Humans. When a certain signal is given from the Earth through a strange Tek machine via a Specimen Implantthis causes all ARKs to slowly descend onto earth, forming a giant seed that blooms over the Earth's wasteland, turning it into a blooming environment that it once was before the global-level extinction event, and eventually rid the raw, corrupt Element that has overgrown over it.

Homo Deus are beings created to watch over the ARKs. According to HLNA, they are energy-based beings who live in another reality and were an option of escape for humanity. These beings can rarely resurrect Humans. Helena is the last Homo Deus whose mind hasn't crumbled yet. While being all powerful and all-knowing, Homo Deus have other abilities:.

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The Crater Forest was a failed experiment. This underground forest was formerly an operational, forest-themed Proto-ARK but sunk into the ground.

It seems to have no borders. This implies that the ARKs need a boxed in area. The Desert Dome was an experiment that had improvements since the ARK now has a metal ring, a circular area, but has a massive hole and some ARK structures being exposed. This might imply that the ARKs need solid ground that has very few cave systems underneath it. The Snow Dome was an experiment that might be the foundation of all the ARKs since it has no exposed structures, few cave systems, and holes.

Now all that is left for building the ARKs is making the barrier far sturdier so survivors can't exit, more, larger obelisks to power the ARK, a wider area for the ARK and systems that can carve, and move the chunk of land up and safely down orbit.An Army drill sergeant goes over military basics on Nov.

The Army said it has not and will not approve enlistment waivers for individuals with a history of documented, serious mental health conditions. When it says we are letting people in with a history of cutting themselves, of self-mutilation, that is not true. When it says we are letting people in with serious mental health conditions, with bipolar disorder, that is not true. The only change the Army has made is to lower the level at which ascension waivers for most issues must be approved, the service said in a statement following the USA Today report published Sunday.

That change, moving the level of authorization from Army headquarters to U. Army Recruiting Command, was quietly implemented in August. On Wednesday, Milley clarified it was not changing any categories of waivers that would be approved. The Army has routinely granted waivers for individuals to enlist or commission for a variety of reasons, including criminal history, medical issues, vision problems and age.

Certain issues including felony convictions, serious mental health issues and criminal drug use other than marijuana cannot be waived by Defense Department policy issued in recent years. John McCain, R-Ariz. He said the Army had been assured by the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee that civilian nominees would not be held up over the reports.

The Army is looking to recruit 18, new soldiers by September, but Milley said he has made clear that the quality of applicants is the priority over meeting recruiting goals. Full stop. Army: No waivers for self-mutilators, others with serious mental health issues. USS Theodore Roosevelt sailor dies from coronavirus complications. VA hospitals treat non-veteran coronavirus patients.Hello everyone, my name is Bethany. I am going to give out as much honest information as possible.

I am going into ninth grade, I am fourteen almost fifteen years old and I have dreamed of being a Marine for not too, too long now but there is always a beginning, you are always new to things and I happen to want this as my life goal.

The first time I cut was on accident. A shaving accident on my legs and a little cut formed. I liked this new feeling since life had been pretty boring lately. So a few more cuts but I was very guilty. They soon disappeared you can barely see them or mistaken them as faint cat scratches.

A few months later passed and I was sadly not knowing what to do. In the shower I see a broken razor blade and wanted to try the whole 'cutting' one more time. Not knowing this little mistake could ruin my life. The cut was too wide. There were two of them. I had to get stitches. To this day it is about one inch long and the other one is half an inch long. I am very afraid they are distinguished as self harm scars since they are.

I have been almost desperate to fade them. I do not go one day where I don't think about my leg I did it on and my regret of it. The main reason I even did cutting was mostly out of boredom. My parents both worked all the time and it seemed the only way to occupy me was to buy me stuff. Yes that worked but only at the time being. If you haven't already guessed, I stopped completely.

meps scars reddit

I made a change in my life.MEPS scar question! C chuckturner Member. I have never tried to kill myself, but I have a few scars on my wrist from a snowboarding accident I ran into some barbed wire and I've been asked many times if they were self inflicted. Or will they need solid proof? If I tell them the story behind it will they accuse me of lying? I want to serve!! Original Post. E elsinore98 2 Member.

Permanently Disqualified from Air Force + Misdiagnosed + Whats Next

I am certainly no authority on this just someone in the DEP waiting to ship to basic in January Good luck A admin 2 Member. I don't remember them even looking at my wrists. They checked my wrists and for all visible scars. If they ask you just tell them what happend and the'll most likely let it go. Membership Required We're sorry.

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meps scars reddit

Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Will I pass my Meps drug test?

Thread starter sanchezmarty Start date Apr 28, Ive posted this on a few sites and im just trying to get the most information.

meps scars reddit

Meps is a Military Entrance Processing Station. Ive already heard everything that can be said. Trust me. Now Im going to be very honest.

I already took my drug test at meps. I was confident I was going to pass it up until I got to meps because their scare tactics work better than you think.

Well I smoked exactly 35 days ago or actually it could have been 38 days. Before all of my smoking I hadn't smoked in three months and that was only one blunt with my sister and her friend. I weigh lbs and im 5 I barely got any exercise but I had been outside doing yardwork and stuff so I sweated a little. I dont know if i passed or not yet. If you fail then they send you a letter in the mail and It's been killing me since I wont know unless i get a letter and that wont be for a little while.

Im just wondering if anyone thinks I have a chance of passing. The DoD UA test are definitely better than a home drug test. A lot of people pass home tests but fail the meps one.



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